Help us reach our goal of raising $1 million for our 2018 endorsees! Council for a Livable World vets dozens of candidates each year and only endorses those who we believe will fight for smart, diplomacy-first, disarmament and non-proliferation policies. Since 1962, we’ve helped elect more than 350 people to the House and Senate.

Where will my donation go?

You can choose to donate to only one candidate or to split your donation between multiple or all candidates. Your money will go directly to the campaigns to be used for everything from water bottles for volunteers to television and digital advertisements.

Why donate through Council for a Livable World?

When you give through us, campaigns mark your donation as one from a supporter of diplomacy-first policies, disarmament and non-proliferation. It will remind them where their supporters’ priorities lie, and can help guide their decision-making if elected.