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The Council for a Livable World endorsed Katie Porter in 2018 when she defeated two-term incumbent Mimi Walters 52% – 48% as Orange County, CA, swung heavily from its Republican moorings to the Democrats. Porter currently has several Republicans competing for the nomination to take the seat back for the Republican Party.

Before entering Congress, Rep. Porter spent nearly two decades taking on the special interests that dominate American politics. She was appointed by then-Attorney General Kamala Harris to be California’s independent watchdog against the banks. She is a former student and protégé of Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Using this expertise, she gained a seat on the House Financial Affairs Committee where she has developed a reputation for tough questioning of heads of major banks.

Porter has a near-perfect record in 2019 voting against the low-yield nuclear weapon for submarines, against the use of military force against Iran without prior authorization from Congress, and for deep reductions of the Overseas Contingency Operations portion of the Pentagon budget.