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Jacky Rosen first entered public life in 2016, when she declared her candidacy to represent Nevada’s Third District, a swing seat. Virtually unknown, she managed to win 60 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary and narrowly defeated the Republican nominee, Danny Tarkanian, in the general election.

In July 2017, she announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate to challenge Dean Heller (R). News reports indicate that former Senator Harry Reid hand-picked Rosen as the challenger. She was immediately endorsed by the DSCC. Rep. Dina Titus, another Democrat reportedly considering the race, decided not to run, leaving Rosen as the only viable Democratic candidate.

Congresswoman Rosen was the first member of her family to graduate from college. She worked as a computer programmer for major companies in Nevada, including Summa Corporation, Citibank, and Southwest Gas. As a freshman member of Congress, she has recorded only a few votes on our issues. For example, she voted in favor of a failed amendment offered by Rep. Aguilar to require the Congressional Budget Office to submit 30-year estimates of the cost to maintain and overhaul the U.S. nuclear arsenal. She also voted in favor of a failed amendment offered by Rep. Blumenauer to limit spending on the new nuclear cruise missile until the Trump Administration submits a Nuclear Posture Review.


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