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Candidates were given the option to add additional comments after answering each yes or no question. Some chose to give explanations for each answer, while some gave explanations for some answers, and some gave no explanations at all. Click on each question below to see answers and any additional comments from candidates.

NO. This is a terrible departure from current policy or even pre-Obama policies. The development of low-yield nuclear weapons is a step toward normalizing their use and a way to position America to use nuclear weapons first. It will only encourage other nations to do the same, and therefore it will not only endanger the planet with a new form of a nuclear arms race, it will reduce U.S. security in general.

YES. My hope is that we can do even better. One of my chief goals as President will be to find constructive ways to reduce all nuclear arsenals, and to lead the world in creating a proper, verifiable, and safe world-wide nuclear ban.


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