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Samuel M. Hickey is a Research Analyst at the Council for a Livable World. He is also Coordinator of the Fissile Materials Working Group, which is a coalition of 80 civil society organizations working to keep the world safe from nuclear terrorism. His areas of focus include the geopolitics of nuclear power developments in the Middle East region, nuclear diplomacy and non-proliferation. Previously, Sam was a visiting researcher at the Arab Institute for Security Studies in Amman, Jordan, where he was lead researcher on a manuscript titled, “Nuclear Energy Diplomacy in the Middle East Region: Key Nuclear Technology Providers and Prospects of Regional Influence.” His publications have appeared in Foreign Affairs, The Diplomat, The Hill, and other regional outlets. He was previously appointed an Adjunct Instructor of physics labs at American University in Washington, DC. He received a dual degree from American University in International Studies with a regional focus in the Middle East, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics.