“I was led to conclude that the sweet voice of reason alone could not do the job, that campaign contributions could not do the job, but the combination of the sweet voice of reason and substantial campaign contributions might very well do the job.”

Leo Szilard
Founder, Council for a Livable World


Since 1962, Council for a Livable World has been following the vision of Leo Szilard in advocating for a more principled approach to U.S. national security and foreign policy. 

And that “sweet voice of reason” is more needed than ever.

With Congress threatening the delicate balance of international relations, we must continue to push for non-military solutions to strengthen our global security.



Through our extensive lobbying efforts, we are among the most trusted and credible voices on Capitol Hill when it comes to reducing the threat of nuclear weapons, calling out wasteful spending at the Pentagon, and supporting diplomacy.

Our members can contribute to the Council for a Livable World Candidate Fund, a political action committee that helped coordinate the effort that raised approximately $1.2 million for progressive national security candidates running in 2018. The candidates we support are dedicated to the pursuit of a more just and peaceful world—a goal we all share.

Your membership will help to elect the next progressive foreign policy and national security leaders in Congress.

Become a member today and see how together we are influencing critical debates and votes on Capitol Hill, and learn about special opportunities for you to join us for events and to hear from leading experts on issues you care about most.

The Council has a proud history of victories including the Chemical Weapons Convention, a moratorium of U.S. nuclear testing in 1992, and the New START treaty with Russia in 2010.

Most recently, we have worked hard to prevent Congress from derailing diplomatic talks with Iran over their nuclear program.

This year, the Council is ready to take on the new challenges posed by a turbulent international security environment.  We cannot do this without you, our members, who share our vision and support our work.  Help us continue to be the “sweet voice of reason” in Washington. We can’t do it without members like you. 


Council Membership ($5)

CLW Members are able to donate to the Council for a Livable World Candidate Fund to help support the process to elect candidates who share our goals of increasing peace and security through principled national security and foreign policy.