Council Front and Center: December 15, 2018



The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation is the Council’s affiliated 501(C)(3) research organization.

And the winners are…
Randy Serraglio of Arizona, Reed Baessler of Washington and Eric Powers of Virginia won first, second and third places, respectively, in our biennial elections contest! Congratulations to them on guessing the most correct race outcomes, and thanks to everyone who participated!

Top 5 Must-Reads
1) Trump reverses course, tells Pentagon to to boost budget request to $750 billion
2) Why Nuclear Weapons Are Shaping Up As a 2020 Campaign Issue
3) Assessing George H.W. Bush’s National-Security Legacy
4) Transcript: Elizabeth Warren’s big foreign policy speech
5) A Cold War Arms Treaty is Unraveling. But the Problem is Much Bigger.

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Featured Nukes of Hazard Podcast: 50 Years Later
In 1963, President John F. Kennedy feared that 25 countries could possess nuclear weapons by the 1970’s. Today, nine countries have them. Many experts attribute this to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), an agreement that turns 50 this year. We explore the Treaty and its future with Ambassador Susan Burk and Ambassador Laura Kennedy.Listen now | Download from App Store | Download from Google Play

Our Take
Op-ed: New Congress, New Tech, New Approach: Center Program Assistant Erin Connolly wrote an op-ed in The Hill urging the new Congress to take a global leadership role in artificial intelligence policy, especially as it relates to national security. Read more

Center in the Press
Trump is ‘aiding and abetting’ the arms race: Executive Director John Tierney spoke with Voice of America Radio about President Trump’s comments that the arms race and then-$716B Pentagon budget. (It has since increased to $750B.) Listen

Democrats going nuclear to rein in Trump’s arms buildup: Executive Director John Tierney spoke with POLITICO about what a Democratic takeover of the House of Representatives could mean for nuclear weapons policy. Read more

Council-Endorsed Winners
Now that all the votes in our races have been counted, the Council can boast a 78% winning rate from our endorsees — 14 Senate endorsees won and 25 House endorsees won!