Kim Schrier for House (D-WA-08)

In 2018, Kim Schrier won an open House seat by 52%-48%, defeating a well-known, popular and heavily funded Republican who twice lost close elections for governor. She was enthusiastically endorsed by Council for a Livable World.

Since entering the House, she has voted consistently for measures to support nuclear arms control agreements and to cut new nuclear weapons programs that are dangerous and unneeded.

Schrier graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a BA in astrophysics and earned her M.D. from the University of California Davis School of Medicine. After completing her residency at the Stanford University School of Medicine, she worked as a pediatrician in Oregon for one year and then joined the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Washington state.

In the House, she has voted for numerous amendments supporting a more sensible national security policy and opposing unnecessary nuclear weapons.