An Investment in A Progressive National Security Policy

The Council for a Livable World endorses congressional candidates who share our goals of increasing peace and security through principled national security and foreign policy. Once we endorse candidates, we raise much-needed campaign funds for them.

We raised approximately $1.2 million for candidates running in 2018. Since 1962, we’ve helped to elect more than 350 members of Congress who are supportive of principled national security and foreign policy positions, including arms control.

Council for a Livable World endorses candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate throughout the country, and keeps them informed on national security and foreign policy issues once elected. During campaigns, the Council provides issue analysis, education, talking points, etc., for endorsees wishing to take advantage of the Council’s expertise.

Council for a Livable World Candidate Fund, a political action committee, accepts direct contributions from Council for a Livable World members only and uses them to help offset the costs of such management, as well as — in certain cases — make direct contributions to endorsed candidates on behalf of the members.

The Council and our candidates rely on contributions from thousands of individuals just like you across the country. 

Your contribution to the candidates through the Council also does double duty: It counts as a contribution from you —the donor — and because candidates acknowledge that the Council has facilitated the donation, it counts as a donation from the movement for more peace and security. In this way, it reinforces to candidates/elected officials that their constituencies are taking account. Your support means that together we can help ensure there are voices of reason and a political force in Washington for a more livable world.

When you give to candidates through the Council — or to the Candidate Fund as Council for a Livable World Member (as one who has given $5 or more in the past year) — you also will receive critical election analysis from our experts as well as opportunities to get to know the candidates. You will regularly have the ability to support these candidates and our work by donating on our website or through direct mail to:

  1. Council-Endorsed House and Senate Candidates of your choice
  2. Become a Council for a Livable World Member and support the CLW Candidate Fund, which coordinates fundraising for the candidates you care about most (members only)


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We act as the conduit for your candidate contribution, passing your donation on directly to the candidate you specify. When you donate online, of course, Act Blue’s usual fees apply to the transaction.

Council for a Livable World Candidate Fund, as opposed to Council for a Livable World itself, accepts donations only from members of Council for a Livable World and their immediate families. All donations to the Candidate Fund from other sources will be returned.