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Former Colorado Governor and presidential candidate John Hickenlooper didn’t take the usual path to public office. After working as a geologist, he became a brewer and small-business owner whose successful pub was a part of the revitalization a portion of Denver.

He is running for Senate against one of the most vulnerable Republican Senators, Sen. Cory Gardner, a first-term Senator in what political experts rate as a toss-up race. Colorado is a state that has been leaning blue; Hillary Clinton carried the state by five points in 2016 and Democrats have won the last four gubernatorial races.

As a young man, Hickenlooper was active in both the nuclear freeze movement and anti-Vietnam war demonstrations. Upon entering politics, Hickenlooper was elected Mayor of Denver and then a two-term governor of the state. He is one of the most popular politicians in Colorado history, has terrific name recognition and is a great fundraiser.

He also opposes new nuclear weapons being proposed by the Trump administration and supports re-entering the Iran nuclear agreement and extending the New START nuclear arms reduction treaty.

He will be a terrific addition to the U.S. Senate.