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There are a lot of issues you should consider when choosing your presidential candidate. Nuclear weapons policy should be one of them. Why?

Nuclear weapons present one of two existential threats to all life on earth.

The President of the United States sworn in January 20, 2021, whomever he or she may be, will be in charge of an active arsenal of about 4,000 nuclear weapons.

The President of the United States asserts the sole authority to launch nuclear weapons — and can do so first in a conflict, without asking Congress for permission.

And unfortunately, the nuclear threat is growing bigger every day. When America abandons the treaties that have kept us safe for decades, explores new nuclear capabilities, and prioritizes conflict over diplomacy, we are tempting the worst kind of fate — nuclear catastrophe.

There is something we can do to prevent a nuclear disaster: elect members of Congress and presidents who will enact sound nuclear non-proliferation and arms control policies.

We asked every presidential candidate from a major party 10 yes-or-no questions about nuclear weapons and national security policy. 

Below is a quick overview of where each 2020 Presidential candidate stands on our issues. This table represents both front-runners who have and have not sent us their responses, and non-front-runners who have sent us their responses. Front-runners are determined by incumbency or by party debate criteria.

Some candidates opted to add additional comments to go along with their yes or no answers. To see candidates’ complete responses when applicable, as well as other information about their views on nuclear weapons policy, you can view their respective pages. You can also learn more about each issue, including our opinion, on the issue pages.

Reading the Matrix

In the matrix below, an X means “no”, a check means “yes” and a blank means the candidate did not answer.