Agreement Achieved on a Framework Deal to Prevent a Nuclear-Armed Iran

Amanda Waldron

Lausanne, Switzerland—According to reports, the P5+1 world powers have reached a agreement on a framework of a final deal to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran.

Council for a Livable World and its sister organization, the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, commend the U.S. and its negotiating partners for this breakthrough on the way to a comprehensive and peaceful resolution to one of the world’s most critical security challenges.

“This is great news, and a testament to the power of diplomacy,” said Executive Director Angela Canterbury. “Of course there is much more work to be done, and negotiators will have to remain steadfast in their resolve to work through the final details,” she warned.

Of the terms agreed upon today, which will be reflected in a final deal, “The longer timeline made possible by this deal will leave the U.S. and its international partners with more than enough time to detect and react to any violations made by Iran,” said Laicie Heeley, Policy Director at the Center and Council.

“This deal will place tough, verifiable constraints on Iran’s nuclear program and ensure it does not have the opportunity to build a nuclear weapon,” added Heeley.

“After 16 months of talks and two extensions of negotiations, we are closer to a final deal with Iran than we have ever been,” said Center Board Chairman Lt. Gen. Robert Gard (USA, ret.). “This is a historic moment for the U.S. and our P5+1 partners, and its impact should not be discounted.”

Like our international partners, lawmakers in Washington should be satisfied with this framework.

“They should offer their support to the agreement, which has garnered the support of our allies, rather than enact new and harmful legislation before the ink has had time to dry,” said Board Member Col. Richard L. Klass (USAF, ret.).

“If Congress truly wishes to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, an escalation of conflict with Iran, or both, Congress must take heed,” echoed Canterbury.

Lt. General Robert Gard, Col. Richard L. Klass, Angela Canterbury, Laicie Heeley, and other members of Council for a Livable World are available for further comment and broadcast bookings by contacting Amanda Waldron at 202.546.0795 X 2115 or

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