Council for a Livable World Celebrates Sen. Chuck Hagel as 24th Secretary of Defense

Washington DC – February 26, 2012 – News Release – Council for a Livable World celebrates the confirmation of Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) as the 24th Secretary of Defense.

“Council for a Livable World congratulates the new Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and the Obama Administration for appointing him,� said John Isaacs, executive director of the Council for a Livable World. “Despite a nasty campaign by the neo-conservatives who brought us the Iraq War and harsh questions from some Republican Senators, Hagel will enter office with a mandate to trim the military budget, cut nuclear weapons, prepare the military for the challenges of the 21st century, end the American military adventure in Afghanistan and emphasize diplomacy over the use of military force overseas. Chuck Hagel is the right man for the right position at the right time.�

The Council endorsed the nomination of Senator Hagel of the 9th of January saying, “Senator Hagel shares an internationalist viewpoint with pragmatic and realist values of the majority of Americans on the many national security issues facing the U.S.,� said John Isaacs, executive director of the Council for a Livable World.�

Former Council president, Senator Gary Hart (D-CO) echoed the endorsement of the 14th of January saying, “Senator Chuck Hagel's combat experience, like that of John Kerry's, makes him properly cautious about the casual risk of American lives where U.S. national security is not directly or even indirectly at stake. It is helpful to have someone who has worn the uniform of the United States military in the senior civilian command of the Department of Defense. Senator Hagel will be an important Secretary of Defense at an important historical moment.�

Sen. Hart and Isaacs are available for press comment this evening, please contact James Lewis with media inquiries.


Council for a Livable World is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to increasing national security, particularly through reducing of the danger of nuclear weapons. The Council advocates for a strong and sensible national security policy and helps elect congressional candidates supporting those ideals.