Council for a Livable World Celebrates Tremendous Election Victories:

Washington DC – November 8, 2012 – News Release –Council for a Livable World celebrated tremendous victories in helping to elect new and old Members of Congress who will be leaders on foreign policy and national security.

“The next Administration and Congress will be faced with a series of national security challenges including nuclear weapons, Middle East peace, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, North Korea and Russia,� said Ira Lechner, Chairman of the Council for a Livable World’s Board of Directors. “These leaders have the right judgment and set of priorities to secure America’s national security.�

Nationally, the Council raised over than $2.1 million for endorsed congressional candidates including $1.5 million for Senate candidates.

Of the Council’s twenty endorsed Senate candidates, seventeen were victorious including:

  • Connecticut: Representative Chris Murphy elected to Senate,
  • Hawai’i: Representative Mazie Hirono elected to Senate,
  • Maine: Independent Governor Angus King elected,
  • Massachusetts: Professor and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren elected,
  • Michigan: Senator Debbie Stabenow re-elected,
  • Minnesota: Senator Amy Klouchar re-elected,
  • Missouri: Senator Claire McCaskill re-elected,
  • Montana: Senator Jon Tester re-elected,
  • New Mexico: Representative Martin Heinrich was elected to Senate,
  • New York: Senator Kristen Gillibrand re-elected,
  • North Dakota: State Attorney General Heidi Heitkamp elected,
  • Ohio: Senator Sherrod Brown re-elected,
  • Pennsylvania: Senator Bob Casey re-elected,
  • Rhode Island: Senator Sheldon Whitehouse re-elected,
  • Vermont: Senator Bernie Sanders re-elected,
  • Virginia: Governor Tim Kaine elected, and
  • Wisconsin: Representative Tammy Baldwin elected to Senate.

Despite false accusations in Wisconsin and North Dakota regarding the Council’s endorsement and the position of our candidates, both were victorious.

“Some candidates are willing to do whatever is necessary to scare people and the American people have kept them out of Congress,� said Lechner.

The Council raised major amounts for Elizabeth Warren ($201,373,) Tammy Baldwin ($168,802,) Sherrod Brown ($152,477,) Tim Kaine ($104,241,) Heidi Heitkamp ($103,771,) Jon Tester ($102,989) and Martin Heinrich ($101,826.)

In the House races, the Council’s PeacePAC raised over $500,000 for candidates and has highlighted the victories of key progressive candidates on the Defense and Oversight Committees. Representatives John Tierney and John Garamendi both beat back strong Republican challenges. The Council raised more than $16,800 to support Rep. Garamendi’s campaign and more than $9,500 to support Tierney’s campaign.

“Rep. Tierney has become one of the leading progressive voices for national security issues during his tenure in the Congress,� said Guy Stevens, director of the Council’s PeacePAC. “When it comes to the hard-hitting issues vital to preserve America’s national security; Tierney is the person you want asking questions.�

Foreign Affairs magazine wrote of Rep. Tierney: “[Tierney’s] subcommittee has a reputation for taking on thorny oversight issues the House Armed Services Committee shies away from, and Tierney is not known to pull his punches.�

“During Rep. Garamendi’s tenure in the minority of the Defense Committee, he’s proven to be a voice of progress and reasonable compromise working to combat 21st century security threats,� said Stevens.

The Council also raised major amount to return Carol Shea-Porter (NH) to Congress totaling more than $18,000. The Council extensively fundraised to unseat incumbents with dangers foreign policy positions. Patrick Murphy, who defeated Rep. Allen West (FL,) received nearly $24,000 and Ami Bera attempting to unseat Rep. Dan Lungren (CA) received more than $27,7000; this race remains uncalled.

“With this slate of Senate and House leaders joining other Members of Congress advocating sensible national security policies, we are positioned to see greater movement on these critical issues that make the world a safer place,� said Isaacs. “Our work does not stop on election day.�


Council for a Livable World is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated increasing national security, particularly through reducing of the danger of nuclear weapons. The Council advocates for a strong and sensible national security policy and helps elect congressional candidates supporting those ideals.