Council for a Livable World Urges Congress & President to Cooperate to Achieve a Deal

Washington DC – October 23, 2013 – News Release – Council for a Livable World and the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation addressed letters to Congress and the President, calling on each to build on recent successes to leverage the world’s toughest sanction regime into a deal on Iran’s nuclear program..

“The future of diplomacy with Iran is looking up for the first time in more than three decades,� said John Isaacs, executive director of Council for a Livable World. “However, diplomacy between longtime antagonists is fragile. Unfortunately, he other options are war or a nuclear armed Iran, neither of which is in the security interest of the United States.�

The letter urges Members of Congress to refrain from levying additional sanctions on Iran while current negotiations are ongoing. Read the full letter here.

The letter to President Obama calls on the Administration to work with Congress to ensure a deal that limits Iran’s enrichment capacities and provides a rigorous inspection framework for Iran’s nuclear facilities. Read the full letter here.

“The United States should remain skeptical of Iranian intentions, but should be careful not to put what is beginning to look like real progress in jeopardy,� said Laicie Heeley, director of Middle East and Defense Policy at Council for a Livable World. “It is imperative that we maximize this opportunity and do not send mixed messages from Congress and the Administration.�


Council for a Livable World is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to increasing national security, particularly through reducing of the danger of nuclear weapons proliferation. The Council advocates for a strong and sensible national security policy and helps elect congressional candidates supporting those ideals.