Council For A Livable World Welcomes Lamont Win In Connecticut

Washington, D.C. — Council for a Livable World today hailed Ned Lamont's victory in Connecticut against incumbent Senator Joe Lieberman "as a triumph for opponents of the Iraq war who favor a balanced national security policy that focuses on terrorism rather than a failed policy."

The Lamont campaign stressed Lamont's opposition to the Iraq war as well as the Lieberman-Bush view that dissent about the war undermines national security.

John Isaacs, president of Council for a Livable World, pointed out: "Dissent in wartime is a right and an obligation reserved to democracies and prohibited by dictators."

"It is not Democrats who have politicized the war; it is President Bush and Karl Rove who used the war vote to attract votes in both 2002 and 2004," continued Isaacs.

Just yesterday, Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman spoke to the Los Angeles Times about using Iraq and the war on terrorism to motive the Republican base.

Council for a Livable World is one of the nation's oldest and largest national security organizations and has long been involved in key Senate and House contests.

The Council was one of the first national organizations to endorse Lamont and has raised almost $50,000 for his campaign.

Isaacs stressed that a majority of Americans now agree that the war has been a disaster, poorly conceived and poorly carried out, and want to find an exit strategy.

"Connecticut voters said convincingly that it is time for the United States to change directions in Iraq, not stay the course," said Isaacs.