Diplomacy Prevails: Senate Democrats Defend Iran Nuclear Agreement

Amanda Waldron
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Washington D.C. – We at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, and its sister organization, Council for a Livable World, laud the 42 members of the Senate who defended the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action today, preserving the United States’ ability to implement this strong non-proliferation agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons. The agreement, which has gained widespread support from diplomats, military leaders, non-proliferation experts, scholars, scientists, and the international community, represents a comprehensive and verifiable strategy for constraining Iran’s nuclear program.

Executive Director Angela Canterbury said of the agreement:

“Senate Democrats have chosen diplomacy and sided with the international community by preserving the Iran nuclear agreement. Our focus must now turn to implementation of the agreement and ensuring that Iran’s program is effectively constrained and monitored. It’s time for Congress to move beyond the political theater and work to provide the resources and oversight necessary for effective implementation of the agreement.”

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