Guardian OpEd: The sooner the US exits Afghanistan, the better

The sooner the US exits Afghanistan, the better

By: Matthew Hoh & Matt Southworth

As President Barack Obama is set to discuss the future of US counterterrorism policy around the world, he should also provide a framework for a swift end to the US war in Afghanistan. It is our belief US troops should not stay one day longer or shed one more drop of blood, and US taxpayers should not spend one more penny to keep troops in Afghanistan past 2014.

It is time to truly end the US war in Afghanistan. It is pure folly and wholly counterproductive for the US to keep fighting in Afghanistan, paying the highest price in life and treasure, for one more day, let alone until a specific calendar date is reached. The current US strategy, which lacks critical political and economic transition elements, will neither accomplish US political objectives, nor provide security for the people of Afghanistan. As violence is currently on the rise, one can reasonably wonder what has been gained from years of remarkable expense and sacrifice.

The Obama administration should end this war and double down on efforts to achieve broad and inclusive political solutions. There are several reasons why this track has a better chance for success.

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Matthew Hoh is a member of Council for a Livable World's Board of Directors.