Greg Terryn: Rep. Westmoreland is Mistaken on Iran Deal

Originally published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

Westmoreland Says Iran Doesn’t Have to Prove a Change in Nuclear Plans

By Nancy Badertscher

Georgia Congressman Lynn Westmoreland stood with the majority in the U.S. House last month in refusing to approve the nuclear pact that President Barack Obama signed with Iran in Vienna on July 14.

In a Sept. 11 press release, Westmoreland, a Republican, said the U.S. didn’t need to negotiate with “dangerous” and untrustworthy Iran and said the deal “only weakens the national security of our country” and its allies, particularly Israel.

“Like many times before, President Obama is manipulating the system to get his way: presenting this to the American people as a ‘deal’ instead of what it really is – a treaty to circumvent needing approval by Congress,” Westmoreland said. “President Obama and Secretary (John) Kerry also showed a lack of leadership and strength in agreeing to lift Iran’s economic and arms sanctions without any proof of change in conduct.”


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