Op-ed: After the Singapore summit pageantry, work still required

Executive Director John Tierney wrote an op-ed in The Hill about the theatrics involved in the Trump-Kim summit, as well as the substance that must now follow.

At times, diplomacy can invoke more symbol than substance, and symbolism was on full display at the summit between President Trumpand Kim Jong-un in Singapore. But lacking was even the appearance of actions that could lead to a verifiable denuclearization agreement on the Korean Peninsula. If diplomacy is to be effective in the coming months, substance must now be front and center.

Make no mistake, the symbolism of a handshake between the leaders of the United States and North Korea should not be understated. Nor should President Trump’s decision to choose diplomacy over military action be taken lightly, especially since the world has not forgotten his aggressive, blustering nuclear threats of “fire and fury” against North Korea that were spoken less than one year ago.

But any notion that this summit made substantive, concrete progress toward North Korean denuclearization must be dispelled. Read more