Press Release: News from Vienna, Progress on Preventing a Nuclear-Armed Iran

Amanda Waldron
202.546.0795 X 2115

Reports indicate that negotiators from the P5+1 will extend nuclear talks with Iran to July 1, with the aim of achieving a framework agreement by March. The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation and its sister organization, Council for a Livable World, applaud the U.S. commitment to diplomacy, but hope to see negotiators from the P5+1 and Iran continue to work with the same sense of urgency they’ve sustained for the past year.

“News that the talks will continue indicates that real progress is being made by our negotiators. A deal to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran is within reach and worth more time to get it right,� said Angela Canterbury, Executive Director of the Center and Council.

"Over the past year, Iran has complied with the interim agreement," said Laicie Heeley, Policy Director at the Center and Council. “By continuing the talks, Iran’s nuclear program remains frozen, and negotiators can continue to work out the details of a good deal.�

But this historic moment must not be lost. A deal that verifiably constrains Iran’s nuclear program is within reach. Now is the time to make tough decisions.

“Negotiators must be careful not to lose the sense of urgency they've maintained over the past year,� said Heeley. “The U.S. and its allies should work to achieve a deal in advance of the new July deadline to ensure that this historic moment is not lost.�

Congress, for its part, should support this continued effort to achieve a good deal.

Canterbury added, “The stakes are too high to allow hardliners in the US and Iran to torpedo a deal. That means Congress must ask tough questions, but allow negotiators the space to press for a good deal, and then verify it makes us safer.�

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