Two Board Members Release New Books

Board Members, Robert Musil & Gerry Warburg, have both authored two new books including sections devoted to nuclear issues.

Professor Gerry Warburg has authored a new book: Dispatches from the Eastern Front: A Political Education from the Nixon Years to the Age of Obama.

In the words of well-known political pundit, Larry Sabato, it is a “wide-eyed, brutally honest account of politics and governing is a great read – exactly the kind of preparation current and future policy-makers need. Should be required reading for students longing to change Washington.â€�

The book is published by Bancroft Press and more information is available at here.

Likewise, Robert Musil, President and CEO of The Rachel Carson Council and a member of Council for a Livable World’s Board of Directors, has authored a new book: Rachel Carson and Her Sisters: Extraordinary Women Who Have Shaped America’s Environment.

While widely known for her environmental work, Rachel Carson was also a strong advocate who opposed nuclear testing starting in 1946 and supported President Kennedy’s call for a test ban treaty.

The book has received high praise from reviewers, including Senator Tom Udall: "Bob Musil provides an important contribution to the history of the environmental movement. He paints a compelling portrait of Rachel Carson and the remarkable women who preceded her and who continue her legacy. He reminds us of the struggles and achievements of Ms. Carson and, just as significantly, the pivotal and courageous role that women have played in fighting for a safer and healthier world."

The work has been released by Rutgers University Press and is available for purchase here.