1 month to go

Today marks one month until the midterm elections. One month until we know whether all our hard work has paid off.

As Election Day nears and early voting begins, the New York Times’ analytical group called The Upshot, partnering with Siena College, is conducting first-of-its-kind live polls in dozens of the most competitive races in the country.

They are placing thousands of calls in key House districts until they have spoken to at least 500 voters and post the results as they come in.

The results are very encouraging in a number of Council-endorsed races. The following challengers have modest leads, but victories are not guaranteed. Will you help them win their races?

48%-43% California’s 45th district: Law professor Katie Porter (D) has a small but not secure lead over Rep. Mimi Walters (R).

51%-41% California’s 49th district: Attorney Mike Levin (D) has taken a lead over Diane Harkey (R), but the race is still considered very competitive..

49%-39% New Jersey’s 3rd district: Former White House official Andy Kim (D)has a lead over incumbent Rep. Tom MacArthur (R), but the fight continues.

51%-40% Colorado’s 6th districtJason Crow (D), a lawyer and veteran, is leading incumbent Rep. Mike Coffman (R), but Coffman has repelled strong challenges in the past.

These candidates are pro-arms control and pro-diplomacy, and we need them in the House. Will you help put them over the top?