$1,000,000 is a big number. But that’s how much we want to raise to support our endorsed candidates this year. And with your help, I know we can reach our goal.

We set this ambitious goal because we know that ahead of the 2018 midterms, our supporters are more engaged than ever and more fired up to send to Congress members who will stand up against President Trump’s hawkish agenda. 

We need members who will stand for smart, diplomacy-first, non-proliferation and disarmament policy. We need the candidates we’ve endorsed to win.

I urge you to choose from the list of the more than 40 candidates we have endorsed this year and make a donation to their campaigns, or evenly divide your donation between all candidates. So far, with 78 days to go, we are more than 65% of the way to our goal.

We all know how much these elections matter in deciding the future of our country. I believe they also will help decide the future of the world, and we can make that world a livable one.


John Tierney
Executive Director
Council for a Livable World
Member of Congress (former) 01/03/1997–01/03/2015