Author James Carroll asks you to support us


James Carroll, a renowned author of 20 books, has written the authoritative book on the history of the Pentagon. His most recent novel is “Cloisters,” and you may have read or seen the documentary version of his story, “Constantine’s Sword.”

James is also widely recognized as a champion of peace. Recently, he wrote an essay for McSweeney’s about his concerns for the futures of his granddaughters, especially in this turbulent time during which the fear of nuclear catastrophe has again taken on new resonance.

At the end of his essay, James asked his readers to: “…support the Council for a Livable World, the fifty-year-old NGO dedicated to reducing the risk of nuclear war.”

We appreciate James Carroll’s support immensely. Will you join him by supporting our efforts with a contribution?

Today, nuclear hawks have returned with a vengeance as they seek to expand arsenals with more powerful and more ‘useable’ weapons. We need your help to fight them off and support candidates who fight for diplomacy-first and non-proliferation policies. With the upcoming 2018 midterm election, our efforts have never been more important.

Will you help us keep our world livable by donating $10, $25, $50 — or whatever you can afford?


John Tierney
Executive Director
Council for a Livable World
Member of Congress (former) 01/03/1997–01/03/2015