Council: Front and Center – May 23

An update on arms control, national security, and politics from Council for a Livable World and the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation.

What’s News:

Council and Center Next Gen!
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NDAA: Reckless, Secretive, and Slushy
Last week, the House approved its extra slushy version of the FY 2016 National Defense Authorization Act, including $96 billion for the Overseas Contingency Operations slush fund for a total of $612 billion in pentagon spending. Council for a Livable World signed onto a letter to the House with recommendations for billion-dollar savings in the NDAA that will make America safer. For its part, the Senate Armed Services Committee marked up its version of FY 2016 NDAA this past Tuesday behind closed doors, and also authorized $612 billion. 

“Congress needs to stop spending our tax dollars on slush and calling it strength,” said Angela Canterbury in a press statement issued by the Council for a Livable World. To learn about the key votes on national security-related amendments and the Council’s positions, read more from John Isaacs on the Chain Reaction Blog.

2015 Father Robert F. Drinan Awards
It’s our pleasure to invite you to the 2015 Father Robert F. Drinan National Peace and Human Rights Awards! On Tuesday, June 9th in Washington, D.C., we hope you’ll join us in honoring Senator Chris Murphy, Representative Keith Ellison, and journalist Laura Rozen. Hurry, as tickets will sell out quickly!

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The Russian Chess Game
Recently, Russia upped the ante of its recent aggression by sending nuclear-capable launchers into Crimea. Should Ukraine and the West be concerned about this geopolitical chess move? Our Policy Fellow Adam Proveaux gives his take as to whether this bold step is a game-changer, or if the West should stay unfazed. Click to read on the new-and-improved Nukes of Hazard Blog!

Hot Off The Presses: New Legislative Scorecard
Council for a Livable World has just released its Legislative Scorecard for the 113th Congress (2013-2014). Find out how your members of Congress scored on issues related to nuclear weapons, national security, and foreign policy! Read more on our blog, or download the scorecard from our website.

Taking America’s Nukes off High Alert
The U.S. keeps its nuclear weapons on prompt-launch status—ready to be launched within minutes—increasing the potential for miscalculation and nuclear catastrophe. The Council and Center joined other organizations in a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter with one central question: what steps is the U.S. taking to reduce the operational readiness of our nukes? Click to read the letter.

Political Tip Sheets
If you’re like us, you know that November 2016 is really just around the corner! Read the latest political tip sheet from Senior Fellow John Isaacs for recent news and updates on the 2016 congressional races.

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OCO: More Expensive than Africa?
Did you know that Congress’s request for the Fiscal Year 2016 OCO slush fund account is more than twice as large as what the entire continent of Africa spent on defense last year. Share our graphic on Twitter if you agree that this is wasteful spending.

OCO africa infographic