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Video Explainer: What is the INF Treaty?

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Former officials urge President to remain in INF Treaty
A bipartisan group of former diplomats and arms control officials including several members of the Center’s board signed a letter urging President Trump to “ensure that we sustain meaningful, verifiable limits on the world’s two largest nuclear arsenals in order to provide more predictability, transparency, and stability in our nuclear relationship with Russia.” The letter was featured in a New York Times article, and you can read the full letter here.

Our Take
Op-ed: We don’t have a missile gap in Asia. We have a diplomacy gap: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell wrote a piece in The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists explaining why investing in enhanced bilateral and multilateral dialogues in Asia is the best course of action.Read more
Oped: In the Shadow of Reagan’s Legacy, Trump is Failing: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell writes that abandoning the INF Treaty without exhausting any and all possible solutions is a dereliction of duty on President Trump’s part. Read more
Op-ed: There’s no such thing as a perfect nuclear arms deal. Trump doesn’t get that: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell writes in The Washington Post that when it comes to arms control deals, we can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Read more

Center in the Press
Crippling Iran sanctions around the corner, but what will EU do?: Policy Analyst James McKeon spoke with Sinclair about President Trump’s abrogation of the Iran Deal, the new sanctions being imposed on Iran, and the effects of those sanctions on Europe.Read more

How I learned to Stop Worrying and Kill the Treaty: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with Vox’s Today, Explained podcast about the history of the INF Treaty and the United States’ potential withdrawal from it. Listen online

Trump says he’ll scrap a Cold War-era missile deal with Russia, which could throw ‘another hand grenade’ into NATO: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell told Business Insider that there is plenty of room left for negotiation to address Russia’s violation of the INF Treaty. Read more

Consequences of INF Treaty withdrawal: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell spoke with Swiss Broadcasting Corporation about the United States’ potential withdrawal from the INF Treaty. Please note, the segment is in Italian. Watch the segment

A Look at Trump’s Plan to Withdraw From Nuke Treaty With Russia:Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell was the featured guest on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Central Time show about the United States’ potential withdrawal from the INF Treaty. Listen

Would INF Withdrawal Recreate a Nuclear Hair-Trigger World?:Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell told Foreign Policy about the dangers of withdrawing from the INF Treaty. She also discussed the potential for New START’s demise, which would leave the United States without valuable eyes and ears inside Russian strategic forces.Read more

President Trump to withdraw from Russian nuclear treaty: Executive Director John Tierney spoke with Voice of America Radio about what could be the motivation behind President Trump’s potential decision to withdraw from the INF Treaty. Listen

Donald Trump’s INF exit: Masterminded by John Bolton, to Russia’s benefit: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell told Deutsche Welle that while it’s true Russia is violating the INF Treaty, it does not appear that either country has asked techincal experts to try to address issues with the treaty. Read more

Trump says he’s terminating a major nuclear treaty with Russia. Here’s what you need to know.: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell told ABC News that the missiles banned by the INF Treaty are still unnecessary for the U.S. arsenal because of the United States’ multitude of other capabilities. Read more

As Trump moves to dump INF Treaty, some fear new nuclear arms race: Senior Policy Director Alexandra Bell told WJLA (DC) that if the United States withdraws from the INF Treaty, it makes it easier for Russia to engage in bad behavior. Read more


Council-Endorsed Winners
The Council can boast a 72% winning rate from our endorsees — with two races, CA-39 and NY-22, still too close to call with our candidates on top as of 5 p.m. Friday.