Council: Front and Center October 22

What’s News:

Second North Korea missile launch in a week fails, US and South Korea say 

North Korea fired two failed missile launches within a week. The latest missile test, likely a Musudan intermediate-range projectile, was the North’s fifth attempted launch in the past two months. With escalating tensions on the Korean peninsula, United States Secretary of State John Kerry has pledged to deploy the THAAD missile defense system to South Korea “as soon as possible.” Click here to learn more.   


Iran Nuclear Deal: Correcting Misconceptions 

The nuclear agreement with Iran has received considerable attention during the presidential debates. Unfortunately, this has led to some misconceptions about the agreement. Check out the factsheet we created to correct some of the most common misconceptions about the Iran nuclear deal. 

Elections building to a climax on November 8 

Council for a Livable World Candidate Fund continued its extensive fundraising for Senate and House candidates who support a progressive national security policy. The total candidate fundraising thus far is $1.2 million with money still pouring in. Click here to provide last-minute contributions for voter turnout operations. For the latest Senate polling information, click here.  

Critical Legislation Ahead 

With Congress out of session for the elections, Council for a Livable World is preparing a legislative push for when Congress returns in mid-November. Our chief priorities will include cutting back funding for unnecessary and wasteful Pentagon programs and limiting the proposed $1 trillion nuclear weapons overhaul program. High on the docket for Congress in the last few weeks of the session: two major bills to fund Pentagon programs for the next fiscal year.  

How to Ensure the Iran Nuclear Deal Survives the Next President

With leadership elections due in Washington and Tehran, the current administrations need to work fast to strengthen the Iran nuclear deal’s foundations and ensure the working relationship built over the course of the Obama administration continues. Read the NYT Op-Ed by Ariane Tabatabai, a professor at Georgetown, which suggests the two countries should institutionalize their relationship by opening multiple lines of communication across their diplomatic corps to ensure impediments to the deal are identified and addressed. 

North Korea’s Fifth Nuclear Weapons Test

North Korea has successfully conducted two nuclear weapons tests this year. Click here to read our factsheet analyzing the fifth and latest nuclear weapons test and its implications.  

Infographic: New ICBMs Cost Estimates 

The U.S. plans to replace Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) with new ICBMs. The cost estimates for the new ICBMs have continued to increase and now range from $62 to $100+ billion. Take a look below and click here for a printable version.

New ICBMs cost estimates Final.png


Infographic: De-alert U.S. nuclear ICBMs

After the end of the Cold War, the U.S. unilaterally de-alerted its nuclear bombers by removing all nuclear weapons from planes and placing them in storage. However, U.S. nuclear warheads on ground-based intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missiles still remain on high alert. It’s high time the U.S. de-alert its nuclear ICBMs. See our infographic below and click here for a printable version.

De-alert US nuclear ICBMs Final.png



Council for a Livable World election contest is now on! 

We invite you to participate in our Council for a Livable World election contest. It is your turn to outguess the pundits and predict the upsets; predict who will win the Presidency and the Congress, key states in the race for President as well as a number of the hottest, most-contested and most-watched congressional races across the country. The contest closes Monday, November 7, midnight EST. To learn more and participate, click here