Who made these statements about Omnibus Appropriations?

Senate floor speech – Late Friday night, December 12, 2014

Question: who made these statements below late Friday night?

Was it Sen. Elizabeth Warren or Sen. Bernard Sanders or Sen. Sherrod Brown?

Do you think that these statements might have been written by Network; A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby or Center on Budget Priorities or Coalition on Human Needs?

======“Before the Senate today is a $1.1 trillion bill full of Christmas presents for the lobbyists and special interests here in Washington. I know it is Christmastime, but it is not our job to be playing Santa to K Street.

This bill is not designed to help working Americans. It is designed to pay off all the promises made to lobbyists who funded campaigns over the past year. It is designed to make sure that a whole lot of folks can fly home and ensure that more campaign dollars will be coming in the coming weeks.

Before the Senate is a bill that . . .does nothing to provide relief to the millions of men and women who are hurting, who are suffering, who lost their jobs, who lost their health care because of this disaster.
. . .
But it is even worse. I mention this omnibus is a payoff to K Street. That is where a lot of these retiring Members are going to go. So what a perfect way to start your job is to ensure that you come with goodies for the rich and powerful.
. . .
People who have been hurt the most . . . have been the most vulnerable among us. They have been young people, they have been Hispanics, they have been African Americans, they have been single moms. And yet, I am sorry to say, in this current Senate there are very few advocates for the people who are really hurting.”

Congressional Record, December 12, 2014 p. 6764


The answer: Senator Ted Cruz (D-TX)