Board Member Jim Walsh Pens New York Times Op-Ed

To Stop the Missiles, Stop North Korea, Inc.

By Jim Walsh and John Park

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American diplomats should be proud of the new sanctions on North Korea that the United Nations Security Council passed last week. In response to a nuclear test in January and missile launch in February, the Council, at the United States’ urging, agreed to a ban on North Korean imports of jet fuel and to mandate inspections of all cargo coming into or out of North Korea. These are the toughest sanctions the North has ever faced.

But before celebrating the beginning of the end of North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs, it is worth remembering the recent history: Since 2006, the Council has passed five major sanctions resolutions. In 2013, the United Nations adopted sanctions that were, at the time, the toughest ever imposed on North Korea. And yet the nuclear tests and missile launches continue.

Read the full article in The New York Times