Bring the Troops Home

Council Executive Director, John Isaacs sent in this letter, "Bring Troops Home" to the Washington Post on June 11, 2011.

A June 7 news story on the war aspects of the recent Washington Post-ABC News poll included a chart headlined, “Support for the war in Afghanistan rebounds after bin Laden death, but still low.�

But an equally important question on the issue facing President Obama today — how many troops to begin to withdraw next month — was played down in the story (sixth paragraph) and glossed over in the chart that accompanied the story. Your own poll showed that what 73 percent of respondents favor is not just withdrawal of troops this summer but withdrawal of “a substantial number of U.S. combat forces from Afghanistan.� Only 23 percent oppose it.

Shouldn’t that have been in the first paragraph of the story?

John Isaacs, Washington, the writer is executive director of the Council for a Livable World, an advocacy group on issues of national security and the danger of nuclear weapons.