Council Applauds Obama’s No Nuclear Weapons Pledge

Washington, D.C. – Council for a Livable World today praised Senator Barack Obama for his pledge to pursue a world without nuclear weapons and improve U.S.-Russian relations.

At a speech earlier today at DePaul University, Obama stated: "Here's what I'll say as President: America seeks a world in which there are no nuclear weapons. We will not pursue unilateral disarmament. As long as nuclear weapons exist, we'll retain a strong nuclear deterrent. But we'll keep our commitment under the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty on the long road towards eliminating nuclear weapons. We'll work with Russia to take U.S. and Russian ballistic missiles off hair-trigger alert, and to dramatically reduce the stockpiles of our nuclear weapons and material."

Senator Gary Hart, chairman of Council for a Livable World, applauded Obama's pledge. Hart remarked "By placing the issue of the elimination of nuclear arsenals at the center of his foreign policy, Senator Barack Obama has performed a great public service and deserves attention and respect from all those who see this issue as crucial to our times and who have been watching and waiting for strong leadership and courage."

Read Obama's entire speech online.