Council for a Livable World Announces First House of Representatives Endorsements for 2012

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 28, 2011CONTACT: Bridget Nolan, 202-546-0795 ext 2113

Washington D.C.–Council for a Livable World’s PeacePAC announced its first three endorsements in elections for the U.S. House of Representatives today.

Anne McClane Kuster (D) in New Hampshire 1
Norman Solomon (D) in California 25
Rob Zerban (D) in Wisconsin 1

Two of the endorsements, Anne McClane Kuster and Rob Zerban, are challenger candidates running to unseat Republican incumbents.

Guy Stevens, PeacePAC Director, said “While the political outlook for 2012 is murky, one thing that is clear is that Americans are extremely unhappy with the status quo in Washington, DC and are eager to see a change. In the House of Representatives, this actually constitutes an opportunity for progressive candidates to challenge many the conservative and tea-party backed Republicans who were elected in 2010.�

The third candidate, Norman Solomon, is running in a Democratic primary to succeed the retiring Lynn Woolsey (D).

Ira Lechner, Council for a Livable World Chairman, said, “Lynn Woolsey has been a staunch advocate of peaceful foreign policies and we believe Solomon will be a worthy successor.�

Ann McLane Kuster ran for Congress in 2010 to fill the seat left open by Rep. Paul Hodes (D) who was running for Senate. In a horrible year for Democratic candidates, Kuster came within 3,600 votes of defeating former Rep. Charlie Bass. Kuster is a community activist who has spent years tirelessly advocating for public access to healthcare and higher education. She has also worked hard to promote peace and human rights, vocally opposing the Iraq war before it began.

Norman Solomon has devoted his career to promoting peace and progressive social policies. Solomon has been working to oppose nuclear weapons for more than three decades. He is now running in the Democratic primary to fill the seat left open by the retiring Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) in California’s 2nd congressional district.

Rob Zerban has set his sights on defeating conservative firebrand Rep. Paul Ryan (R) in Wisconsin’s first congressional district. Ryan has a national profile as the leading spokesman for the harsh economic policies promoted by the tea party. Rob Zerban understands how disastrous the Ryan plan would be if implemented. He also understands the importance of promoting foreign policies based on cooperative diplomacy rather than military force.

For more information on these candidates, please visit the Council’s website.