Council for a Livable World Announces Two Latest Senate Endorsements

CONTACT: Katie Mounts, Director of Communications and External Relations, 202.543.4100, ext. 2109

Washington, D.C. – Council for a Livable World today announced the endorsement of two new candidates: Chris Coons in Delaware and Cal Cunningham in North Carolina.

In North Carolina, Cunningham is challenging incumbent Sen. Richard Burr (R). The 36-year old challenger is a former State Senator and Captain in the U.S. Army Reserves who served a one-year tour in Iraq and earned a Bronze Star for cracking down on contractor crimes.

If elected, Cunningham would be the first Iraq war veteran in the U.S. Senate

He is running against an incumbent with an approval rating under 40%. Burr, an unabashed supporter of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, eked out a victory in 2004 with just 52% of the vote.

“This close victory, combined with Burr’s lack of voter support, indicates a prime opportunity for a Democratic pick-up in the U.S. Senate. Council for a Livable World sees a fantastic chance in progressive Democrat Cal Cunningham,� said John Isaacs, the Council’s executive director.

Cunningham supports ratification of the New START nuclear reductions agreement and ratification of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

As a veteran and 11-year member of the Reserves, he endorses “a new doctrine that brings to bear the full power of the United States– including the so-called ‘soft’ powers of moral, legal, economic, diplomatic and cultural influence.�

Cunningham poses a serious challenge to the unpopular Burr.

In Delaware, Chris Coons (D), a 44-year old New Castle County Executive, is running against nine-term House incumbent Mike Castle (R) for the open Senate seat formerly held by Vice President Joseph Biden. Coons now leads the county government responsible for more than two-thirds of the population of the state.

Coons first entered politics with an extensive background in foreign policy issues. He studied at the University of Nairobi, volunteered with the South African Council of Churches, worked in Kenyan relief efforts, and wrote reports on disinvestment from apartheid-dominated South Africa and rain forest destruction in Central America.

“Given the number of vital national security issues, including arms control, that the Senate will continue to confront into 2011, Chris Coons’ extensive background in foreign policy issues makes him uniquely qualified to fill the former Senate seat of Vice President Joe Biden,� Isaacs said.

He supports ratification of the two key arms control treaties – both New START and the test ban treaty – and steps toward a world free of nuclear weapons.

Coons advocates “a robust, engaged foreign policy, based on diplomacy and strategic partnerships with other nations.�

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