Council for a Livable World Celebrates the Victory of Endorsed Senator-Elect Ed Markey

Washington DC – June 25, 2013 – News Release – The Council for a Livable World celebrates the victory of Senator-elect Ed Markey in today’s special election.

“My admiration and support for Ed Markey goes back 37 years when we first worked together for the elimination of nuclear weapons and changes in world policy that would eliminate nuclear weapons’ horrible threat to humanity,� said Jerome Grossman of Dedham, MA, Chairman Emeritus of Council for a Livable World. “I welcome his election as my Senator and will continue to support him politically and financially as I have in the past.�

Council for a Livable World offered its endorsement during the Democratic primary and has raised nearly $130,000 for Rep. Markey’s Senate campaign. The Council has had a long, productive working relationship with Senator-elect Markey; he served in the House of Representatives with Rep. Father Robert F. Drinan, founder of Council for a Livable World’s PeacePAC.

“Ed Markey is a Senator of whom all Bay Staters can be proud,� said Priscilla McMillan, of Cambridge, MA, an expert on U.S.-Russia relations and Council for a Livable World board member. “For nearly four decades, he’s been a courageous and far-sighted public servant leading the effort for greater control of nuclear weapons and other issues important to the future of our country and planet.�

Council for a Livable World has been endorsing Senate candidates since 1962 and has contributed to the election of 138 Senators representing forty-five states. Senator-elect Markey is the fifth Massachusetts Senate victory for the Council including Senators Edward Brooke (R,) Edward Kennedy (D,) John Kerry (D) and Elizabeth Warren (D.) PeacePAC has been active in helping to elect seven Representatives from Massachusetts.


Council for a Livable World is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to increasing national security, particularly through reducing of the danger of nuclear weapons proliferation. The Council advocates for a strong and sensible national security policy and helps elect congressional candidates supporting those ideals.