CS Monitor: Board Member Jim Walsh on Congressional Vote to Destroy Iran Deal

Is Congress interfering on Iran – or just doing its job?

by Howard LaFranchi

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Taiwan. Cuba. And now Iran.

In all three cases, Congress has taken action aimed at weakening or countering presidential foreign policy decisions it rejected or did not wholeheartedly support.

When the United States recognized Beijing as the legitimate capital of one China, Congress passed the Taiwan Relations Act of 1979, requiring the president to sell military hardware and technology to Taiwan to provide for its defense.

When President Clinton took steps to ease relations with Cuba, Congress passed the Helms-Burton law in 1996 to strengthen the US embargo of Cuba.

Now, a Congress with sharp hostility toward the Iran nuclear deal and President Obama’s engagement with Iran is taking steps to toughen what it sees as a weak and obsequious policy – if not to kill the nuclear deal altogether.

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