GOP on Nuclear Treaties: Love ‘Em, When Republican is President

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By John Isaacs

When Congress votes on the Iran nuclear agreement, it is likely that every Republican senator will vote to disapprove. So will virtually all House Republicans.

Most GOP members did not even wait for the ink to dry on the agreement to vigorously oppose the deal presented to Congress on July 19. They did not bother to read the 120 page document, study the details, wait for hearings or consult with experts.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said of the agreement: “It appears we’ve lost the chance today to dismantle Iran’s nuclear program — and that that will now become a challenge for the next President to confront.” Republican candidates for president were even more incendiary. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz charged: “This deal is no different than calling the Iranian Supreme Leader, asking if they’re developing nuclear weapons, and taking his word for it.”
These votes on nuclear arms deals fit into a clear pattern: If a Democratic president negotiates a nuclear arms agreement, Republicans will overwhelmingly oppose it. If a Republican president presents a treaty to Congress, Republicans will by-and-large loyally fall in line behind their president.

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