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Iran Deal Implementation

Iran Deal Implementation: A Good Day for American National Security


Media Contacts:

  • Dr. Jim Walsh, Council Board Member and international security expert at MIT
  • Dr. Edward Levine, Center Board Chair and former senior staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee
  • Lt. Gen. Robert Gard, Center Chair Emeritus and 31-year veteran of the US Army

Washington, DC—In a report released earlier today, the International Atomic Energy Agency verified that Iran has sufficiently rolled back its nuclear program in accordance with is obligations under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, meaning that relief from nuclear-related sanctions will begin. This milestone is known as “Implementation Day.”

The report confirms that Iran has taken the following key steps:

  • Eliminated 97% of the uranium stockpile;
  • Ripped out 2/3 of its centrifuges to block a uranium path to a bomb;
  • Filled the Arak reactor with concrete to block a plutonium path to a bomb;
  • Allowed for continuous monitoring and inspector access to key nuclear sites;
  • Gave the IAEA information it needed to assess the past possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program.

Dr. Jim Walsh commented, “Implementation Day marks a milestone in efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons.  For the first time in roughly a decade, Iran does not possess enough nuclear material to build a nuclear weapon.  Iran has swiftly and affirmatively adopted new curbs on its program as well as an unprecedented inspection and verification regime.  It is a good day for American national security and for the security of our allies.”

Dr. Edward Levine said, “The international community will now gain more insight into Iran’s nuclear program than ever before. And that program will be smaller than it has been in several years. IAEA implementation of the strict monitoring provisions of this agreement and continued vigilance from the international community offer the best possible strategy for preventing an Iranian nuclear weapon.”

Lt. Gen. Gard concluded, “What many thought was only possible with military intervention—stopping Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon—we have accomplished with the power of international diplomacy and without putting a single American life at risk. Now that the agreement has been implemented, all parties must continue to fulfill their obligations and the posturing and bluster that could put this diplomatic solution at risk.”

Experts from the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation and Council for a Livable World are available to provide clarification on Implementation Day and to comment on its importance.

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