Press Release: Jim Walsh Testifies on Iran before SFRC

For Immediate Release: June 25, 2015
Contact: Amanda Waldron; 202-543-4100 x2115
Iran Talks Down to the Wire, Dr. Jim Walsh Testifies before Senate Foreign Relations Committee Today
Washington, DC—This morning, Dr. Jim Walsh, international security expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Council for a Livable World Board Member, testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on key components of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program. Negotiators are currently working to reach a final deal by their self-imposed deadline of June 30. After completion, both bodies of Congress will have a chance to review the deal.
Below are key excerpts of Dr. Walsh’s written testimony, submitted to the committee:
  • On Congress evaluating the terms of the deal, Dr. Walsh says, “Members of Congress should resist the strong and natural temptation to cherry pick or focus one aspect of the agreement, considering it apart from the rest of the agreement… Evaluating an agreement is not about listing all the things that could go wrong (or right) with an agreement. All actions carry risk, including not acting at all.”
  • On verification of Iran’s implementation of the agreement, Dr. Walsh says, “The U.S., Russia, France, Britain, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia (and most if not all the Gulf) all have their eyes on Iran, and many, including Iranian opposition groups, will be looking under every haystack and in every corner for the first signs of non-compliance.”
  • On inspecting Iran’s nuclear sites to ensure Iran’s compliance, Dr. Walsh says, “Meeting that requirement does not require that inspectors take up residence at all of Iran’s nuclear facilities. Instead, it requires…‘access where needed, when needed.’”
  • On the possible military dimensions of Iran’s nuclear program, Dr. Walsh says, “The objective should be sufficient information about Iran’s past nuclear activities such that an agreement can be effectively verified. More information is almost always preferred, but it is important to distinguish what is necessary from what is useful.”
Dr. Walsh and Council for a Livable World and Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Executive Director Angela Canterbury are both available to comment on the negotiations and Congress’ role in any final deal.
Click here for a copy of the testimony.
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