Vote Alert: Defense Authorization

Dear Member of Congress,

Council for a Livable World urges you to vote ”no” on cloture for the fiscal year 2016 National Defense Authorization Bill conference report. We will be scoring the vote on our CLW Legislative Progress Report.

NDAA Conference Report (H.R. 1735): The addition of $38 billion to the Overseas Contingency Operations account – for a grand total of $89 billion for Fiscal Year 2016 — is fiscally irresponsible and an end-run around the budget caps. There is plenty of wasteful and ineffective spending by the Pentagon that can and should be cut. This “all of the above strategy” is no strategy at all. Government spending needs to be reprioritized.

The conference report also includes a number of other dreadful provisions. There will be a great expansion of wasteful and ineffective missile defense systems, a limitation on retiring out-of-date strategic nuclear bombers, a requirement that unnecessary intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM’s) be kept in “warm” status rather than retired, and restrictions on funding to dismantle retired nuclear weapons.

Click here to see our side-by-side comparison of House, Senate and Conference versions of the Defense Authorization.

We urge you to vote “no” on cloture and any attempts to pass the NDAA without significant improvements. 


Angela Canterbury

Executive Director

Council for a Livable World


John Isaacs

Senior Fellow

Council for a Livable World