Amendments Submitted to Corker Bill on Iran

The delicate balance of bipartisan support broke down after Sen. Rubio (R-Fla.) and Sen. Cotton (R-Ark.) introduced new amendments to the original House bill, which have gone to the head of the line of amendments and which must be addressed before the bill can be finished. As a result, on May 5, Majority Leader McConnell (R-Ky.) filed cloture on both the underlying bill (H.R. 1191) as well as the Corker-Cardin bill (S.615).

Bloomberg View: John Isaacs Quoted On Iran Deal

“If the deal is not submitted to Congress, I and many others will make clear that Barack Obama will be in office for 23 months and I will be in office for 6 years. And the Iranians should take that into their calculation as they negotiate with Barack Obama’s team,” one Republican lawmaker told a group of reporters Wednesday in a roundtable discussion held on a background basis.

Huffington Post-Blog: Congress of War

It is very bewildering, albeit horrifyingly fascinating, to watch American politicians jockey and posture for war with Iran. With the announcement last week that years of negotiations have yielded a framework agreement that will arrest any Iranian nuclear weapons program, not that one actually exists, while starting the much needed process of bringing Iran back into the world community, many members of Congress seem not just reluctant, but hostile, to the prospects of averting a war with Iran.