Predict the Elections - Win Cash!

Predict the Elections - Win Cash!

Back by popular demand, our biannual election contest has finally arrived. Put on your pollster hat and make your best predictions about the upcoming elections. It's free to enter, and the top 3 winners will earn a cash prize.

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13 Days! Senate Election Outlook

13 Days! Senate Election Outlook

The elections are now less than two weeks away. Are you up to date on the latest polls? It's time to read up about the nation's closest races as we round the corner to November 4.

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Nuclear Weapons Can't Fight ISIS <i>or</i> Ebola

Nuclear Weapons Can't Fight ISIS or Ebola

INFOGRAPHIC: As the US commits itself to fighting the Islamic State in the Middle East and Ebola in West Africa, one thing is clear: our arsenal of nearly 5,000 nuclear weapons has never been more useless in combatting US security threats.

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On Our Blog: <em>Decisive? Or Decisively Wrong!</em>

On Our Blog: Decisive? Or Decisively Wrong!

Senior Fellow John Isaacs & our newest Scoville Fellow Greg Terryn recall the consequences of rushing to war in the context of Obama's decision to combat threats in the Middle East.

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Senate Election Center - 2014

Senate Election Center - 2014

Republicans hope to gain control of the Senate in the 2014 Senate contests, and Democrats are on the defensive. Still, there are many primaries and decisions ahead, and predictions at this point are risky. Here is Council for a Livable World's roundup of the 2014 Senate elections.

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