The Latest Edition of Front & Center

The Latest Edition of <em>Front & Center</em>

In the latest edition of our biweekly newsletter, Front & Center: Mobile Basing, North Korea, Comeback Senate Candidates, and more!

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20 Days Out: Senate Election Pulse

20 Days Out: Senate Election Pulse

With just 20 days until the midterm elections, pollsters everywhere are standing behind their favorite models and their best guesses as to how the parties and the candidates will fare on November 4th. John Isaacs weighs in to make sense of it all on our blog.

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<em>And the Winner Is...</em>, A Polls Round-Up by John Isaacs

And the Winner Is..., A Polls Round-Up by John Isaacs

The constant question on people’s minds – at least that small number of fanatics who pay attention to politics – is who will take control of the Senate after November 4th. John Isaacs gives his expert take on what will happen this Election Day.

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On Our Blog: <em>Decisive? Or Decisively Wrong!</em>

On Our Blog: Decisive? Or Decisively Wrong!

Senior Fellow John Isaacs & our newest Scoville Fellow Greg Terryn recall the consequences of rushing to war in the context of Obama's decision to combat threats in the Middle East.

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Senate Election Center - 2014

Senate Election Center - 2014

Republicans hope to gain control of the Senate in the 2014 Senate contests, and Democrats are on the defensive. Still, there are many primaries and decisions ahead, and predictions at this point are risky. Here is Council for a Livable World's roundup of the 2014 Senate elections.

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